• Benefits of ASICS Footwear

    by  • March 6, 2013 • Asics Science • 0 Comments

    At ASICS, we know that Running Shoes aren’t designed just to protect your feet from pounding, but to optimize a runner’s step in such a way that a person can run longer and faster without worrying about injury.

    Below, you’ll find breakdowns of some of the technology and modifications we’ve designed so that every type of runner has an ASICS shoe that’s most beneficial to their individual body and running style.

    We’ve revolutionized Running Shoe design. Until now, running shoes have been designed around the up-and-down movement of the ankle joint, but the foot doesn’t just move like this…it also moves from side to side using the Subtalar Joint.

    That’s why we’ve redesigned the running shoe with FluidAxis™, consisting of deep flex grooves that work with the foot to enable this natural rotation, allowing for a more responsive and natural ride.


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