• Footwear – Lightweight Shoes By Asics

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    asics running lightweightshoes

    asics running lightweightshoes

    ASICS is known globally as an innovative producer of highly technical footwear. Through using impressive technical components and a scientifically based design philosophy ASICS aims to help athletes achieve optimal performance. This is realised by creating shoes that work with the foot to produce more natural and efficient gait patterns. However, we recognise that heavy shoes can work to the detriment of the lower limb no matter how much technology has been placed within them. The challenge, therefore, has been to make this highly technical footwear lightweight so as to reduce the stress placed on the muscles of the lower limb and foot during activity.

    By creating materials that are incredibly lightweight yet still very durable ASICS continually endeavours to achieve a reduction in the overall work load required from the lower limb in any given sport.




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